Chairman & CEO 


Dear Stakeholders,

The year 2022 was a challenging one in which economies, as well as societies, businesses and individuals all around the world were greatly affected. Rising inflation across the world and significant increases in costs of inputs such as raw materials and energy have substantially affected the pharmaceutical industry as well. Despite these challenges, according to IQVIA figures, DEVA Holding had a successful year in 2022, ranking 3rd with a 5.0% market share in the number of units, and 6th with a 2.6% market share in terms of values, TRY.

At DEVA, we have been working for 64 years to make healthy living accessible to all. In light of our responsibility to build a healthy and sustainable future, we have been expanding our treatment offerings by adding new products to our portfolio every year. In 2022, we added new products to our portfolio in all 14 therapeutic areas we operate in, and made them available to the medical community. As a domestic pharmaceutical company that meets global standards, we continue our efforts to contribute to health globally and especially in our country with our value-adding generic products that we offer at cost-effective treatments in many therapy areas.

In 2022, our three major manufacturing facilities in Çerkezköy and Kartepe, with an annual output capacity of 578 million units, successfully passed various audits conducted by national and international health authorities. We aim to make access to effective treatment available to everyone by offering to patients all over the world our products manufactured at high standards at our facilities that meet European GMP and US FDA compliance requirements. In this direction, we are continuously strengthening our presence in the Turkish market, as well as in international markets. As of the end of 2022, we now hold 1,029 product licenses in 69 countries in international markets. We introduced new products to the market in many countries in Europe, North and South America, the Balkans, the Middle East and New Zealand.

The value we attach to R&D plays an important role in our sustainable success. Last year, we invested approximately 10% of our turnover into R&D. According to the R&D 250 Survey by Turkishtime, we were named the pharmaceutical company that spends the most on R&D in Türkiye. Just like every year, our R&D teams achieved major successes this year. We were awarded the Golden Mortar and 11th Chemistry R&D Project Market prizes with the invaluable projects developed by our teams. Our extensive R&D team comprised of 409 highly qualified and specialized employees continues to work diligently to contribute to public health in our laboratories and production sites equipped with the state-of-the-art technology.

At DEVA, we believe that sustainability is a social and even global responsibility that we should all embrace for the world we live in. We regard sustainability as a determining factor in all our processes, from production to distribution and supplier selection. We focus on the all dimensions of sustainability, such as using our resources in the most efficient way, drawing attention to environmental issues, as well as leaving a livable world for future generations and making medicine accessible to all; and we are furthering our efforts in these areas.


Dear Stakeholders,

2022 was a year in which high inflation affected the world in general and our country in particular. Still, it was also a successful year for DEVA, thanks to the appropriate and correct policies we implemented. With our 64 years of experience, highly experienced management team, 2,895 competent employees, strong product portfolio, not to mention our collaboration, agility and flexibility capabilities, we continue to make a difference in today’s world of rapid change. In the coming years, as a global pharmaceutical company we will continue to work with dedication and offer solutions on a global scale so as to create a sustainable world, given our corporate values and awareness of our responsibilities. These values and responsibilities include resilience against challenges, responsibility, innovation and development, trustworthiness, people-orientation and teamwork.


Yours Sincerely,


Philipp Haas

Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO