As DEVA Holding, our aim is to comply with national energy efficiency regulations, standards, and other requirements, as well as the expectations of stakeholders. We commit to the following:

  • We evaluate our energy consumption resulting from our activities, keep it under control, and make improvements to increase efficiency.
  • We support energy efficiency choices in thedesign of existing processes  and systems, new projects, equipment purchases, and energy, product, and service procurement processes for sustainable energy.
  • We use our existing energy resources most efficiently with the participation and support of our employees without reducing production quantity and quality.
  • Weorganize training activities toincrease the energy awareness and consciousness of our employees and stakeholders and emphasize the importance of changing our employees’ behavior to enhance energy efficiency.
  • We encourage the participation of all our employees and stakeholders in improving and developing Energy Management Systems in every area of our operations.
  • We periodically review the objectives and goals set for increasing energy efficiency and sustainability and provide the necessary resources in future investments and activities to achieve these goals.
  • We ensure to follow eco-friendly technologies and research alternative energy sources to continually improve energy performance.
  • We commit to reviewing the Energy Policy and continuously improving energy efficiency performance using relevant management systems