Established in 1958, DEVA Holding is among the well-established pharmaceutical manufacturers in Türkiye. With the main area of operations including manufacturing and marketing medicinal products for human and use and raw materials, DEVA Holding also manufactures veterinary medicines, eau de Cologne, and medical ampoules.

The majority of shares in DEVA Holding was acquired in 2006 by funds managed by GEM Global Equities Management S.A., an international fund management company, and EastPharma Ltd. was established to assume management.

DEVA Holding is pacing rapidly toward its goal of being the first choice by offering innovative and unique products with a high-quality experience by creating giant pharmaceutical brands in areas where it competes, in order to make healthy living accessible to everyone around the world. With the new therapies it offers, DEVA Holding makes difference by expanding its product diversity every year.

Currently, its product portfolio contains more than 650 products in 14 therapeutic areas, ranging from oncology to cardiology, respiratory system and ophthalmology, as well as medical devices.

With progressively expanding regional growth and export operations, DEVA Holding is the holder of 1,119 marketing authorizations in 65 countries, including the USA, Switzerland and Germany. Founded under the brand name of Devatis in Germany and then in Switzerland, the company received registration approval in 2018 and having been established in the USA under the same name, accelerated its activities.

DEVA Holding focuses on research and development to improve access to medicines for patients who need them, and all of its manufacturing facilities are certified compliant with the European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). DEVA Holding currently exports pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical raw materials to more than 60 countries.

DEVA Holding develops high-quality and innovative products with its award-winning R&D center, DEVARGE, strong staff of well-trained employees who are experts in their respective fields, and full-fledged laboratories and manufacturing sites equipped with cutting-edge technology.

With its manufacturing capabilities, DEVA Holding has become the domestic corporation with the most comprehensive production capabilities in Türkiye. Undertaking manufacturing operations at facilities in Çerkezköy and Kartepe, DEVA Holding holds an annual output capacity of 620 million units of medicines. While producing for public health, DEVA Holding also adopts the understanding of sustainability for the effective and efficient use of resources, and considers environmental sensitivities in its activities. DEVA Holding manages human rights, occupational health and safety, energy efficiency and waste with great care, and continues its activities with the awareness of leaving a more livable world to future generations with its employees who possesses environmental awareness and sustainability approach.

Continuing to work for a healthy and sustainable future, DEVA Holding also supports social responsibility projects, especially in the fields of education, public health and the environment.